Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laina Dawes Considers Future of WOC Bloggers

Update: The post, "A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging: Who was the First WOC Online?," is now live at

I am almost done with my post for, "A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging," and yet I'm not really finished. The writing process on this one has been a love hate relationship. I may touch on what I mean in the actual post, but here I'm sharing two things.

The first is this quote from Laina Dawes of Writing is Fighting. She is also a contributing editor and a black Canadian who writes about Metal music. Here she's answering my question about what she see or hopes for in the future for women of color BlogHers. The Carmen to which she refers is Carmen Van Kerckhove.
In the future...well, I know Carmen from Racialicious personally and I love what she and Latoya Peterson, Wendy Muse and the other contributors are doing - the mix of popular culture and really good critical race theory. Rachel Sullivan, who is a (white) sociologist blogged a bit about her partnership with a black man and her biracial twins, and I loved how she did it. Oh, and the angry black woman( has been around for awhile, but her rage has dropped off in the past couple of years. These blogs are smart and funny but very educational. I would love to see more women put that much time into their posts - and I know it is hard and for all the work that you do, you know how hard it is.

I want to see more alternative culture blogs - women and other women of colour who are living lives outside of the box. On the other hand, as I can tell you - they are not going to be popular, but at least they make you think. As someone who is an alternative blogger, I think that emphasizing lives outside of what is stereotypically thought of what POC's do is important, especially to the shorties coming up. I want to see more blogs by Latina, South Asian and Native American women. I'm tired of reading the "I can't get a man, men ain't shit, what about my hair? blogs and since I don't have kids, I'm not into I want people to stop being PC and let it all hang out. Be real, don't be so nervous about what other people are thinking. (Laina)
The other item to share is my podcast with Gina McCauley of What About Our Daughters and Michelle Obama Watch. In the interview, Gina says that she believes blogging benefits the kinds of women of which Laina speaks, those women of color who live outside the box on their own terms:

Keep your eyes open for the full post at or at least as full a post as I could do in a reasonable number of words. This topic begs the question, "Exactly what is a woman of color blog?"

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