Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Zulu Ball Adventure

Friday night, where was I? First, I was getting ready for the Zulu Ball at home. Had a near disaster because my daughter made a bad decision about where tho take the ball gowns to be steamed. Then I was leaving the house with my son and daughter an hour late.

We had to go pick up my son's girlfriend. At her house, my Toyota got stuck in the mud. In tuxes and evening gowns, who was going to push it out? No one. We found another means of transportation.

At the ball we saw these people in the older video below, Casa Samba, perform. I didn't know I would see half-naked dancers, and my daughter commented on the weird juxtaposition of virginal debutantes being introduced to society against drums and gyrating, thong-wearing, booty-exposed females. Hey, that's entertainment, New Orleans style!

However, before we made it into the ball room, we parked the car and walked two blocks in unusually cold weather for New Orleans. My feet hurt and I was freezing.

When we went to the ladies room before we went to our tables, I discovered that the dry cleaner had attempted to remove the rhinestone broach from my purple gown just to steam it (why I don't know), hadn't sewn it back securely, and so the broach had fallen of half way, ruining the drape of the bodice. I'm glad I wasn't there to be cute.

We enjoyed the pageantry of the evening. Pretty funny that Queen Zulu couldn't sit down without help under all that queen-wear. The second lines of people still high on the Saints Super Bowl win were fun.

Eric Benet performed, looking as fine and and sounding as beautiful as ever. He sang some old favorites but also a not-so-old song of which he's very proud because it was produced by David Foster. It was quite good and is called "The Last Time."

En Vogue was snowed in someplace, at least three of them, and so they couldn't perform.

We got home after 4:00 a.m. I got up today around 3:45 p.m. and sat in a stupor on my living room sofa watching television. After 7:00 or so, in the dark, my son and daughter went with me to retrieve car that was stuck in mud the night before. We pushed it out, and then hit the Waffle House. Fun, fun! Sorry, I did not take my video camera.

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Reggie said...

I lived in the New Orleans metro area from 1989-1998 and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I never attended any of the balls, but I did make it a point to attend a few of the parades.

It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.