Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Orleans Sees Bright Future in Super Bowl

Win or lose, the Saints playing in the Super Bowl is like a healing, a laying on of hands for New Orleans, La. As I wrote on Twitter yesterday, followed by hash tags #whodat and #Saints, "Super Bowl mania hangs in the air, palpable like Mardi Gras beads in trees, like August here, thick and hot, like a good rain."

Those words are true. We're going to bed down here in NOLA hearing "Who Dat!" on the news and waking up to the same as the number of days to Super Bowl 44 decrease. We're dancing in the streets and weeping with smiles that Hurricane Katrina didn't kill this city after all. Business watchers say that this Saints-to-Super-Bowl, fleur-de-lis, who-dat air is a wondrous blast of life into New Orleans's lungs both economically and psychically. ... Please continue reading full post at

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