Monday, February 15, 2010

Paging Mother of the Matrix: Prevail by the Pen!

Oh, let's see. I'm not in the best of moods. When I opened my email this morning I had a Google alert on African-American authors and the only story in it was a posting of a faux story at Black Voices about Sophia Stewart winning her case against the Wachowski brothers and whoever else it was she sued regarding The Matrix Trilogy and Terminator.

That news report is false. She did not win!

It's time to stop entertaining this. It's time for her and her supporters to move on and if they really care more about her than a lost cause, they need to tell her what I'm telling her at The African-American Books Examiner ... Please read the post..

Part of me feels that there are so many other, hard-working black writers who are actually producing books worthy of purchase, reading, and herald, so many black writers pushing to get scripts to studios that deserve attention and support that I question those who are putting more energy into Stewart's story than into viable writers with real track records. And if she doesn't have a good reason for why she didn't show up to her day in court, why are we still talking about her?

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Regina said...

LOL! I definitely agree! Every couple of weeks or so I get this same story forwarded from person to person. Why do people just forward crap without doing their own research first. is in my favorites, it takes a second to look something up! SMH, folks need to move on...