Thursday, February 4, 2010

Palin Shows Insincerity, Ignorance Again with Rahm Emanuel Drama

No one ever commented on my old presidential humor story at Examiner, but I see traffic flowing here from that article to my post on President Obama's joke regarding Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Mother's Day, and the use of the word "motherf*cker." Hits have been increasing to that post in the last 24 hours, and I know who I can credit with that, Sarah Palin and her minions.

Palin is riling people up over Emanuel's saying "retarded," a word that's only been under fire in the last few years if that long. And she's added Fox-like-faux outrage via her Facebook page over Emanuel's use of profanity on a regular basis.
The 2008 vice presidential candidate put up a Facebook post on Monday evening arguing that Emanuel's offending slur (in which he said that liberal groups thinking of running health care-related ads against Democratic lawmakers were "F---ing retarded") was no less the equivalent of using the "N-word." (HuffPo)
Doesn't this heifer have anything better to do with her time? Emanuel has since offered an apology, the panacea of our politically correct fakeotopia.

I understand why people are upset about slurs against the mentally challenged, but who is Palin to talk about anyone's use of offensive language after the racist-charged rhetoric she used during the presidential campaign? And please, you all have got to know all this calling for this one's resignation and that one's resignation over words is the zenith of insincerity among conservatives.

The grandstanding is nothing more than Republicans mocking past calls from progressives and liberals over the years who have called for the resignation of people who use hate language with full vitriolic intent that gets dismissed by conservatives as "just joking." What inauthentic but cunning bastards they are!

Anyway, this current burst of Palin drama caused me to recall colorful humor and out-and-out bad form from Republican Party members I've heard over the years, which does not include the Magic Negro Christmas gift of 2008.

In this video, beginning around 32:45 on the counter, you'll see President George Bush telling jokes at the 2002 White House Correspondents' Dinner, encouraging antics from Ozzie Osbourne, who was in attendance, saying facetiously that his mother, Barbara Bush, loves Osbourne's stuff, and after showing a slide show entitled Inside the White House, he implies that Dick Cheney, shown watching him through a peep hole, looks like he's masturbating. How do I know about this? I actually watched it live.

Oh, but remember when Bush was caught with an open mic at the G8 Summit in 2006. Reporters called it "Bush uncensored."

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Next, here's vintage George Bush giving the finger or as he calls it "the one finger victory salute."

Still, the Palin bots would like us to believe that ugly language and profanities on Capital Hill were unheard of before Emanuel became Chief of Staff. Come on, even if you'd never read one thing about Dick Cheney, including the shooting incident, would you be shocked if someone told you he cusses, even drops "f" bombs? Do you remember this 2004 story, "Cheney says he feels better after cursing Leahy"?
In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Cheney said he was "forcefully" expressing his unhappiness with the conduct of the Democratic senator from Vermont -- who Cheney said had publicly questioned his integrity, and then wanted to be friendly when he saw him in person.

Sources who related the incident to CNN said the vice president had told Leahy either "f--- off" or "go f--- yourself."

Cheney would not confirm using the word.

"That's not the kind of language I usually use," the vice president said in the interview during a campaign stop in Michigan.

When asked if he had cursed at Leahy, Cheney answered, "Probably."

"Do you have any regrets?," Neil Cavuto asked.

"No. I said it," the vice president responded. (CNN archives)

And then there was the Karl Rove rap about animal cruelty: MC Rove tears the heads off of critters.

Going back farther when profanity was supposedly only for folks in the gutters of slums, how about all the expletives on Richard M. Nixon's tapes?
Thus during a televised campaign debate with John F. Kennedy on Oct. 13, 1960, Richard M. Nixon sanctimoniously criticized the salty language of Harry S. Truman. Now the transcripts of Nixon's Watergate tapes publicly reveal what many White House insiders already knew—that Nixon uses plenty of X-rated expletives. Those who have heard him speak in private say that the swearwords he commonly uses are both blasphemous and obscene; they include four-letter expletives that are salacious and scatological. (Read more: Time Magazine 1974)
Yes, we got rid of Nixon, but not for his cursing in the Oval Office. Wait! I think I see a similarity here between Nixon's character and Palin's. Both go for the sanctimonious shtick.

Finally, if Palin is so offended by foul language, why did she leap at a chance to run with John McCain, a well-known hothead? I can't make up my mind whether with Palin's calls for Emanuel to resign/be fired that she's showing us again the depth of her insincerity or the height of her ignorance.


seantimberlake said...

Pot? Kettle?

In Kathy Griffin's current act, she talks about her faux relationship with Levi Johnston, who evidently revels in dishing on the Palins. According to him, in referring to her special-needs infant, tells other family members to "hand her her retarded baby." Now, Johnston is not the most credible source and Griffin is a comedian, but still, not implausible.

Derailed Poet said...

Ha ha, the videos were great, thanks for the article! x