Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sarah Palin vs. Beck, Limbaugh? Not Likely

When I wrote around midday Thursday, February 4, that Sarah Palin's Rahm Emanuel drama reveals her insincerity and ignorance, I only included a history of colorful and bad form in Republican officials. As cynical as I can be at times, it never occurred to me that conservative pundits and some Republican politicians or political staff have used the word "retarded" in far uglier ways than Emanuel did.

Then I saw these videos posted online from Countdown with Keith Olbermann after my original post.

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OLBERMANN: Sarah Palin will stand up to anyone to defend her baby, except anyone who might help her politically. After calling for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to be fired for using a phrase, behind closed doors, which she calls heartbreaking to special needs kids and their families, she is refusing to call for the same measures against Republicans who use that word or variations on it, even on national radio or TV.

This weekend, she will be campaigning for a man whose top campaign aide has used that word repeatedly directly to journalists. But first, tonight‘s new developments; after the Plum Line Blog called Palin‘s attention to the fact that Orly Taitz Limbaugh too used the word, glorified in it, while referring to the Emanuel story, Palin‘s spokeswoman issued a statement that did not call for Limbaugh to be fired or even apologize. And if you read it carefully, does not in fact criticize Limbaugh at all. Quote, “Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

And yet never has the integrity to stand up for her son and say that Limbaugh, just like Emanuel, actually did this. Republican number two who can say the word, Texas campaign consultant Dave Carney, whose repeated use of this word, even directly to reporters, called into question yesterday, has not led Palin to call for his resignation from the campaign of Texas Governor Rick Perry, for whom Palin, herself, will be campaigning this weekend.

And Republican number three who can use the word, not once like Emanuel, not privately like Emanuel, but repeatedly on national television, on national radio, laughing about it and it‘s perfectly fine with Sarah Palin—that would be Fox News host Glenn Beck, whose uses of the word were literally too numerous for us to present in their entirety in our time allotted tonight, but to whom Ms. Palin gave a lengthy interview just last month, after a year of Beckian commentary that included the following. (Olbermann's transcript)
Even I didn't think Palin was that stupid and that big of a hypocrite to demand Emanuel be fired for using the "R" word while her cohorts did the same. A definitely lapse of healthy cynicism about politicians on my part there because had I looked I would have found this recording at Media Matters, posted January 9, 2009, more than a year ago, of Glenn Beck "laughing, to Mary Lynn Rajskub: "What do the paintings of the retarded children go for?"

Naturally, Rush Limbaugh is slapping her down for succumbing political correctness. He defends his use of the word "retarded" by saying he was only quoting Rahm Emanuel. But as I said earlier, I think this latest grumbling from Republicans/conservatives over speech such as demands that Sen. Harry Reid step down for using the term "Negro dialect" is not a genuine push for political correctness but a mocking of political correctness in the tit for tat way they approach this world.

In the middle of this craziness though, I think Feministe's asking the right questions, what has Palin done for disability advocacy? Meanwhile, Rahm Emmanuel is taking his apology to Special Olympics further by hosting a panel on disability issues. Somebody at Wonkette thinks this is a misuse of his time.

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