Sunday, February 28, 2010

First WOC Online?

I hate labeling boxes when I organize my house or move. I hate filing. I hate the term "women of color blogs." The latter makes me uncomfortable because it creates a sea of women so vast it sends my writing mind into a seizure. What does that mean, "woman of color blog"?

Does that mean any woman blogging who is not exclusively of European descent? Does it include Jewish women and if it doesn't include Jewish women then should it not include Arab women? After all both groups sprang from the Middle East not Europe. They are both Semites, and both can be classified under the larger umbrella of groups that have been oppressed, not automatically benefiting from "white" privilege.

Does the tag "woman of color" include all Asians? Some Westernized Asians don't identify with oppressed people of color at all, sometimes not even other Asians. Sometimes some Asians, as do certain kinds of upper-crusty black folks, mentally imagine themselves to be white. ... Please continue reading this post at, A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging: Who Was the First WOC Online?

Artwork discovered at Cine's World post. Just giving credit for where I found the art, not sure I know what the hell the person is talking about in the post.


Anonymous said...

My post is about anti-feminists using disingenuous means to "seduce" and recruit feminists and other women to vote for them and support their causes and positions, i.e., "you voted for Hillary Clinton and she got shafted. That's why you should support Sarah Palin." I'm one of the few "women of color" who supported Clinton over Obama.

Thanks for the shout out, but the artwork is not mine.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Yes, I know. If I can't figure out who created a piece, I at least tell where I found it.

I wasn't sure if I was understanding what you were saying in your post because I've run into a lot of PUMAs who seemed to want to support Palin simply out of spite at DNC for not choosing Hillary.

I wanted to link to it because I thought you were saying something worth a deeper look but since I could not read the whole thing and watch the videos and form a real opinion, I thought it better to admit I didn't know what you were saying.

Thanks for giving it in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

The piece is called "6 Women of Color" by Angela Hayden. I didn't know who she was or who painted the piece when I found it on Google images, but here's a link to her stuff.

Btw, when I Googled "Black women art" I found a lot of great new artists and their work. New to me at least, but it's been a while since I went shopping for, or perusing new art. Besides, I'm not sure I would have been exposed to them when I was in the art market back in the early nineties, given the limited exposure before the internet exploded.

Oh, and a lot of former Clinton supporters have drifted away from the PUMA movement and label, primarily for the reasons you suggest, as well as PUMA's general overall rightwing shift. That's what I was trying to warn against.

Best to you


Elena said...

Wow, I did not realize there was such a term as you mentioned, like "women of color blogs". I first read it women of Color Blogs, as if in women, who write colourful blogs. But, if we get back to the meaning you had in mind, I do think that could involve just every single woman on the planet - because every one has their skin in a certain color, even those of European descent have their colors of pink and white :)
Also, thank you for sharing this wonderful artwork! It really is enchanting.