Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye, Bye Rush Limbaugh? Take Guardian Poll

I heard about this yesterday on Twitter, that conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh says that if universal health care passes in America, he'll move to Costa Rica.

The irony of his comment, as Gawker notes, is that Costa Rica has government-run health care, but as Gawker points out, it also has a cocaine industry.

The U.K. Guardian is running a poll asking, "Should Rush Limbaugh leave the country if the healthcare bill is passed?" The answer choices are:
  1. Yes. Another good reason to pass healthcare.
  2. No. What's Costa Rica ever done to the US?
Apparently even people across the pond are aware of Rush's bad reputation. However, the poll is at Comment is Free America.

When I took it, choice number one had 85.3% of the votes. Take the poll here.

At the actual U.K. Guardian website, Richard Adams writes "What has Costa Rica done to deserve this? It's the second most beautiful country on earth, after all." And then he quotes a commenter from CIF America who said:
This does not make sense at all: Costa Rica has the best socialized medical safety net of all central American countries, if not Latin American countries. Infinitely much better then the US system. In addition there is the government run "extra" medical insurance for people who want to be treated faster in private hospitals and clinic. (Read more)
Adams also says Costa Rica's president is a woman who wants to clean up the environment.

What's scary about all this is that so many Americans think Limbaugh actually knows what he's talking about on any topic at all. They ask his advice and follow it as well, something made clear during the presidential campaign. Under "Operation Chaos," he told his listeners in Ohio to go and switch their party affiliation from Republican to Democratic so they could swing the Democratic Primary in that state toward Hillary Clinton.

He didn't say that because he respects Hillary but because he thought all the confusion he might create would make it easier for a Republican to win the presidency. He likes to flex his muscle to move the conservative base around like puppets, and then claims he's not a leader of the RNC as he yanks its official leaders' chains. Michael Steele, the figurehead, fears him, and so does Sarah Palin. Any time a conservative leader offends Limbaugh and he takes notice, an apology follows.

I have said often that Rush Limbaugh has a mental disorder. People think his egomania is an act, but I think he is actually has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and an extra dose of genuine mania.

Had to update this post with the following Stephen Colbert clip.

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