Friday, March 26, 2010

Houston Child, 8 and Bullied, Attempts Suicide

I learned via Cynthia Coleman on Twitter of a second grader's suicide attempt at Blackshear Elementary School in Houston, Texas, because he was bullied at school.
His mom said she asked administrators and teachers for help after two boys bullied her son starting in September, but no one listened.

Yamshannta Robertson said, "I don't want this to happen to any other parent cause I thought I lost my child."

On Wednesday, she said two boys pulled down her son's pants and he was embarrassed.

That's when his mother said her son jumped from a window two and a half floors up. (Story at KPRC with video.)
According to the mother, the administration did not call for an ambulance, but the child appeared to not be injured, and less than 20 minutes after the suicide attempt, the school had the child sign a promise not to commit suicide. The boy has dyslexia. The district says it has an anti-bullying policy in place.

This is a crazy story, but to give it context, I'm listing links to two other stories about children killing themselves after being bullied.
Next month marks the one-year anniversary of Carl and Jaheem's deaths.


Anonymous said...

Bullying is a big problem and parents have to protect their kids from it. School officials should not allow it.

Zee said...

There is also the case of Phoebe Prince, and the teenagers that bullied her to suicide have recently been charged.

Mary said...

Anti-bullying policies only work in environments where the teachers can keep an eye on the students. In private schools, they're a realistic policy, in public schools, they're not. Kids are at some point, going to be nasty to other kids, but I wish people would figure out where the limit is.

Anonymous said...

I agree Mary. So true.
So kids need to be able to tell their parents what is going on and the parents must go and address the situation and not turn a deaf ear. Otherwise the child has no one to defend them and is overwhelmed by the situation.
As Mary well says, public schools are different, and that's why the parents must be more vigilant. Bullying is serious and damaging behavior and can sometimes be nipped in the bud by a simple show of face. Children and adolescents have to be guided and that's what we are here for. My thoughts are that teachers have enough on their hands, to have to resolve everything that happens in and after school also.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you, Zee, Mary, and Cactus Rose for taking the time to comment. Zee, I had not heard about the Phoebe Prince story. I'll be on the look out for the outcome because these kinds of cases are hard to prosecute.

Can-Can said...

My, my, my. A few years back, I read of an 8 year old who committed suicide because he didn't make the honor roll. It blows my mind because while I was pretty precocious at that tender age, I didn't know what suicide was. As a teen - yes - I went through the usual angst and survived teasing, but age 8?
My, my, my!