Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Obama Still Irish? And What's Up Now with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Officer James Crowley

I was talking to PopArt Diva on Twitter, who's getting ready for St. Patrick's Day with Emerald Isle Martinis. On March 17, kiss her, she's Irish, and I mean Irish for real.

Anyway, talking to her I remembered this song that surfaced during the presidential campaign, "There's No One As Irish as Barack Obama!"

With the critics President Barack Obama faces from all sides, I wonder do the Irish still claim this POTUS?

Another well-known black man with Irish roots is Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who has done a lot of work on tracing the roots of famous African-Americans and now some famous white Americans. His Irish ancestry came up again on today on The Oprah Show.

Ironically, Gates and James, Crowley, the white officer who arrested Gates last year at his own home in Cambridge and who is also of Irish descent turn out to be related.
"He and I descend from the same Irish ancestor," Dr. Gates says. "Eight percent of the men in Ireland have our identical DNA, and we all descend from King Niall of the Nine Hostages. It was good to be the king—the guy slept with everybody in the kingdom." Regis Philbin also shares the same ancestor, a bloodline that dates back to 450 A.D. (Oprah.com)
Gates also said that Crowley came to him of his own accord and gave Gates the handcuffs Crowley used to arrest him. Gates has donated the handcuffs to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, which is also the destination of one of Michael Jackson's hats.

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Pop Art Diva said...

How amazing is it that Gates and Crowley are related? There's a new show on TV called "Who Do You Think You Are?" which digs deep into celebrity roots - Oprah had Lisa Kudrow on today - it's kind of amazing what they find out!

Thanks so much for the link back to my blog - The Martini Diva. Keep an eye out for all eight of my St. Patty's Day Martinis - and yes, many of them use Irish Whiskey!!