Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Poetry ObamaCare Writes

I love them, I love them not, I love.
By Nordette N. Adams

I was on my way to a pleasant first day of spring,
and then I saw a right winger going on about ObamaCare.
I had a post ready to go, fired up to burn a bitch or two
over the craftiness of code-switching satanic verses,
rightspeak implying curses on one man, making dirty
even policies that could save a child or mother or father
or some soul they should call brother but don't.

I inhaled, clutching this venomous word in my throat.
It is the first day of spring, I will not be goaded
into wading through the murky swamp.
I will exhale, breathe out flowers, not stings.

It is the first day of spring
and I will pretend the world is good.

© 2010 Nordette N. Adams


Derailed Poet said...

Good for you! :) xxx

Gena said...

The world is good. It the dad gummed people that are problematic.

By poetry, prose and love beyond measure, we stand on higher ground.

Keep them coming.

lilalia said...

Your poems is grace in action and words. Fighting down ones own wish to clobber out the ignorance and stupidity of others. It must be soooo hard. I just listened to Mr. Obama's speech from yesterday. Wondering whether it would be possible to ask those who have so publicly opposed the bill with every weapon of hate-mongering they could muster, and who will undoubtedly benefit from the new health reform is passed, if they would make a public apology. This includes the employees and producers of the media coverage.