Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Real Allison DuBois Comes to New Orleans

The woman on whom the CBS show Medium is based, the real Allison Dubois, will be in New Orleans for her Family Connections Tour on March 11th, 5:30 p.m., at the Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel, 817 Common Street.

In addition to being the muse behind the show Medium, she is also a book author. The latest is Secrets of the Monarch: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Living a Better Life:
In her newest book, Allison DuBois explains that the lives of people aren't much different than those of monarch butterflies--that we wouldn't be the people we are, make the choices we do, and in essence, live the lives we lead without the friends and family members that came before us and have passed over to the other side. ... If you want to understand life, you must understand death. (from her website)
I learned of her upcoming NOLA appearance through the New Orleans Celebrity Headlines Examiner, Collin Breaux. He recently posted an interview he conducted with Ms. Dubois, who apparently does not like the label "medium," and the psychic had the following to say about New Orleans:
Coming down here as part of her nationally syndicated tour/lecture to help those who have recently lost loved ones, she spoke of the odd nature of New Orleans, which comes as a different landscape to this Phoenix resident: "I feel like when I go home when I'm there," she exclaims joyfully. "You can feel the people that were partying in the streets eighty years ago." She goes on to describe the Crescent City has more of a party vibe than other states. (from Collin's interview)
I love the show Medium, but that seems like an awfully obvious vibe to get here. Do you really have to have strong psychic abilities to feel that New Orleans is a party town? I'm not digging at Ms. Dubois. I'm just accessing my brain.

But I don't want to get on her bad side. This is how she reacts to criticism of her "gift."
Despite her approachable friendliness, don't mistake that for meekness. When I dared to question her about how she feels about criticism from her coming from sources such as James Randi, a tinge of justified indignation crept into her voice. "How do I refute his claims? Well he obviously doesn't want to lose his paycheck." She asserts that he only is negative toward her and others like her to attract attention for himself and to make money. "That's his job," she says, drawing out the vowel in the last word. "James Randi, does he live in his mom's basement?" she offers as a stinging barb, which causes me to burst out in a bemused chuckle. Clearly she doesn't suffer opponents lightly. (Collin's interview with Dubois)
Well, who can fault her for showing a little anger here? Being called a fraud in one's life's work should be taken personally, and it's been my experience that critics of psychics often have a predisposition to negating anything they can't touch, taste, or feel, including God.

Randi is a magician who considers himself a debunker of all things supernatural. In 2006 he dubbed Dubois the "psychic performer who fooled the greatest number of people with the least talent" and awarded her a Pigasus.

Nevertheless, while I once believed that the dead may hang around, I've become more skeptical of beliefs in ghosts in the last 10 years. Paul Mooney tells a joke on that, "White people, there are no ghosts. Because if there were, the slaves would come back n kick your ass." It's a simplistic view, but something to think about.

It's what crosses my mind whenever I see stories about vengeful ghosts. The show Ghost Whisperer really does a poor job with stories of vengeful ghosts. On that show ghosts throw things, make phone calls, and play video games. If ghosts had that much power, we'd all know about them and see them regularly.

DuBois says in Collin's interview, however, that ghosts aren't all that scary and some are very faint. Maybe that's why we ordinary souls don't perceive them so easily. They like to just float and chill. My skepticism does not negate the possibility that ghosts exist completely.

The video below is from DuBois's SyFy Channel interview promoting the show Medium. It's about three years old and in it she talks about her real life and the show.

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Anonymous said...

After attending the Nashville/ Family Connections Tour Event on March 13th, I can honestly say I am grateful to Kelsey Grammer and his team of intelligent imaginative writers for their entertaining "take" on Allison Dubois' life. I do not know if what I saw was authentic, but there were glimpses of possible prescreening of those being "read".