Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recovering from a KMA Day: Self Talk

Earlier today I was in a horrible mood, and so I wrote the poem "Survival and The Art of Dissembling" aka "I Wish I Were in the KMA Club." I made some decisions to let certain activities go and to detach from a few emotional situations that I cannot afford to leave now and therefore must endure

As I prepare for tomorrow, literally the next day, March 5, not some collective future because the road ahead is so cloudy, I lead with another poem.

Moment by Moment
By Nordette N. Adams

Today I adopted a stance:
could care less.
Tomorrow I will try to stand
and care more.

My head kisses the pillow.

Today I was a lazy dog,
circling a pity rug,
settling my achy bones
on its fiery island.

I breathe in and out.

Tomorrow I will be a dove,
eyes on peace,
or a morning glory,
opened to light,

and I will pray that
Light Eternal
renews my petals
and I will pray that
Light Eternal
lights my eyes.

© 2010 Nordette N. Adams


Anonymous said...

"pray that light eternal lights my eyes" me too...

msladydeborah said...

I enjoy reading your personal affirmation.