Monday, March 22, 2010

The Solly Forell and Jay Martin Obama Assassination Tweets

Jay Martin
Jay Martin, self-described
Hip Hop funny man, also tweeted
a call to kill President Obama:
"You should be assassinated
@BarackObama," he wrote,
and said he'd do it himself.
Soloman "Solly" Forell, the conservative who has drawn attention to himself by tweeting that President Barack Obama should be assassinated describes himself as an "authentic African-American." His say-so is no proof of anything, but the fact is that some black conservatives strongly identify with white Republicans even to the point of exhibiting all the signs of internalized racism.

However, in this age of online liars, is Solly Forell who and what he says he is? We won't know until the Secret Service or the FBI releases his photo and other data, perhaps. ... In the meantime, we do know that Jay Martin, a young black man on Twitter, also tweeted assassination threats against Obama.


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Megan Anne said...

UGH! I understand that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but I feel like some folks make controversial statements just to be different or just to get attention.

Gets my goat.