Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spike Lee: Mitch Landrieu Can Do Better than Ray Nagin

Speaking with The Root, film director Spike Lee says he thinks Mitch Landrieu can do a better job as Mayor of New Orleans than did outgoing mayor Ray C. Nagin. Anyone who read my post, "Mitch Landrieu's Win is Not About Black vs. White," knows I agree with Lee on his statement, as well as I agree that Mitch will need a lot of help.
TR: You said earlier that the people’s feet were coming closer to the ground, but how do you feel about the task of the incoming government?

Lee: I know Mitch [Landrieu, mayor-elect] a little bit. I think he can do better than what Nagin has done. But he’s going to need a whole lot of help. He’s the mayor, but you have a governor who doesn’t look favorably on New Orleans. The federal money has to go to the state first, and the state then disburses it. Just because Mitch is mayor doesn’t mean presto change-o [snaps fingers] overnight. But it will be a welcome change for the people here, and I think that was reflected in the way the voting went. (Spike Lee's interview with The Root)
So, I think Lee understands more about the city than some other out-of-towners who only see black versus white. Seeking justice is not about sticking with the black guy or brown guy, something made clearer by Lee's reference to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

In the interview he also talked about his upcoming documentary, an update to When the Levees Broke. The follow-up documentary, which will air on HBO on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, is called If God is Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise. I laughed when I read the title because I just said something very similar to my son yesterday regarding concerns about the future and flooding.

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