Sunday, March 14, 2010

Support New Orleans indie bookstores, a list

CBS Money Watch did a story, "What Not to Buy at Wal-Mart." By no means was the network saying "Don't shop at Wal-Mart" because it also ran a story called, "What to Buy at Wal-Mart." It's the "what not to buy piece," however, that interests readers who care about strengthening their local economies.

The bottom line is that buying books from your local, independently-owned bookstores helps lesser known authors as well as your city's economic future, which is why I have provided a list of locally-owned bookstores in New Orleans at the New Orleans Literature Examiner.

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Megan Anne said...

This is just something I think you'll find funny.

I was on Bayou Road at the African-American Bookstore, and I saw "Showdown at the Desire" in the window. My homeboy told me I'd love the book, so I figured I'd go on and buy it.

The owner asks me if I need help, so I tell her what I'll looking for.

She tells me it's sold out but that she won't order anymore copies because she hates the author so much! I just thought that was hilarious bc the book and an author profile are were featured prominently in the window, but she hates the author.

I was dying laughing, ya hear.