Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He's Vagina Friendly, But Bye-Bye to Mayor Ray Nagin's Mouth

The Times Picayune is giving the soon-to-be former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin one helluva send-off, as in it's roasting him royally. His job ends when Mitch Landrieu takes office May 3rd.

On Tuesday morning I posted Nagin's exit interview brought to local residents by the Picayune, and tonight I couldn't resist sharing its latest farewell to Ray, the Nagin Sound Board.

For personal reasons, one of my favorites is "So I stand before you a vagina-friendly mayor. I am in." He said that at a performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, and I covered the V to the Tenth conference in New Orleans in 2008 for for But there are plenty of other Nagin sayings that either amuse me, like the one about bloggers, or that make me cringe.

Ray Nagin swept into office in 2002 as the embodiment of a new way of doing business at City Hall.

But he often made news more because of what he was saying than what he was doing. Some of his memorable quotes came in the chaotic, desperate days after Hurricane Katrina; some came at more unlikely times. (
That passage is followed on the daily's site by a list of 23 infamous--oops!-I mean memorable--Nagin quotes.

Click the graphic and you'll be taken to the Picayune's round-up. Once there you can mouse over the words in the original graphic and hear clips of his honor, the mayor, speaking.

Nagin may miss the power of the Office of Mayor of New Orleans, but I doubt he'll miss the growing criticism, jokes, and sometimes full-fledged harassment, most often sent his way from city council, that goes with the office. The New Orleans city council is quite colorful. I'll be watching to see how Landrieu handles the wolves.

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