Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conspiracy Theories: Left and Right Insanity?

Take a look at this CNN report about rising number of militias and mostly white people afraid of the government these days.

Now compare what the "patriots" say in the CNN video to what Naomi Wolf was saying in 2008. She is the author of multiple books, but the video below is about her book Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. I like Naomi, but I became concerned that she may have been suffering some kind of mental collapse when she started saying a coup took place on October 1, 2008. Still, she's not as scary as the people in the CNN video who are calm and armed.

Wolf seems to think in the video that Bush was going to take over the government and not let Obama take office. So, she's more to the left while the people in the first video who seem to not trust government in general, but more so now that Obama's in charge, are way to the right.

If you believe Wolf, then we're already in a police state. Ironically, she and the "patriots" and Tea Party folks seem to agree about the color of trees in odd parts of the forest.

What keeps crossing my mind is that these Tea Party/militia/so-called patriot birthers get a lot more mainstream media time than Naomi Wolf ever did. However, she's getting love these days from the Tea Party crowd or maybe giving them some. She says, per an article at AlterNet, that the Tea Party crowd is fighting fascism and she'd go speak at one of their rallies in a heartbeat.

Justin Sharrock interviewed Wolfe in March:
How can both sides be speaking the same language, yet see things so differently? Or are we just not listening to each other? I telephoned Wolf to ask her what it means when your book ends up bolstering policies you oppose.

Justine Sharrock: First off, is your book still relevant under Obama?

Naomi Wolf: Unfortunately it is more relevant. Bush legalized torture, but Obama is legalizing impunity. He promised to roll stuff back, but he is institutionalizing these things forever. It is terrifying and the left doesn't seem to recognize it.

JS: Did you realize that your book is being lauded within the Tea Party and patriot movements?

NW: Since I wrote Give Me Liberty, I have had a new audience that looks different than the average Smith girl. There is a giant libertarian component. I have had a lot of dialogue with the Ron Paul community. There are [Tea Partiers] writing to me on my Facebook page, but I figured they were self-selective libertarians and not arch conservatives. I am utterly stunned that I have a following in the patriot movement and I wasn’t aware that specific Tea Partiers were reading it. They haven’t invited me to speak. They invited Sarah Palin. (Full interview)
This seems new, but I talked about Naomi Wolf and her strange bedfellows in 2008 after the coup interview was published. However, as we mark the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings, it's probably worth thinking about again.

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msladydeborah said...

Imagine yourself being in the majority population these days and reading that you'll be the minority population in fifteen years. Then try to imagine what your place will be among the POC majority?

America is going through a major identity change. One that probably scares the hell out of a lot of folks who never considered that everything changes. The Third World is rich and armed now. Also posed to fight. The MSM has helped to fan the flames of fear and mistrust. And I will not excuse our governing style as part of the formula.

But there is a reality about trying to go back to where we were as a nation. Arming ourselves to force one style or the other is not going to work either. Our children were raised to believe in a multi-cultural nation. A gun won't kill the ideas of a mindset. And it seems that this lesson eluded a lot of people in this nation.

I also have to say this. There are a lot of people who are fearful of a colored planet. My generation planted those seeds and they really have taken root. The old race rhetoric of the sixties is beginning to resurface. Back in the day we had no problem with spitting out our form of racism in public and in their face.

What bothers me about these movements is this-with the current state of the union having civil war is not going to help the masses. If anything it will probably create a situation that they wished never to occur. They may also find that the resistance may be far more dangerous than they can imagine.