Friday, April 23, 2010

Emilio Sosa's Exit Interview: Project Runway

I liked both Seth Aaron and Emilio Sosa on Project Runway, but I liked the clothes Emilio showed at Bryant Park more. Yet, Seth Aaron did put on more of a show, and so I agree with his winning. While some of Sosa's comments during the season about Tim Gunn annoyed me, he has a good attitude in his exit video here. I think that's because he's a business man and he knows he sold himself. Expect to hear more from him, and remember he was making a name for himself before Project Runway.


Seth said...

Throughout the entire season I found Emilio Sosa to be a gifted designer. I've read that some didn't like his back-and-forth with Tim Gunn. Emilio simply disagreed with Tim. Visionaries often follow their own paths. Bravo. You can't fault the man for that. He is truely and inspiration.

Bee Schaeffer said...

It was clear to all that Tim had a big problem with Emilio, Ping and Jay from day one. Very seldom did he approach their workstations to provide feedback as he often does with the designers. He finally started making a stop by Emilio's workstation once it was clear that Emilio was a finalist. I honestly found Tim's Blog posts and VBlog about Emilio be surprising and a bit dishonest. Things didn't happen the way he claimed they did. The just didn't. There was tension, yes, but when you tell a stressed out designer, with only 3 weeks before show date that you hate everything he's done so far, well it's anyone's guess what the reaction will be. Honestly,throughout the entire season Emilio Sosa was liked by most of other designers and crew including Seth Aron. He was a team player and a strong well rounded designer. I am certain that if you speak to every designer and crew, few will will have a bad thing to say about him and they will definitely not be aware of this back-and-forth that Tim Gunn speaks of. Emilio like Jay, Like Seth like Maya etc. simply disagreed with Tim at times. Emilio simply followed his intuition more than Tim's sage words and that irked Tim. You can't fault a 43 year old man for doing that that. I wish Emilio the best in all his future endeavors, he was a real inspiration during season 7.

I don't want to display a name said...

Emilio was said to be arrogant by both Seth Aaron and Mila in their on camera interviews. Therefore, your contention that he was liked by most of the contestants seems to be dishonest, to use your word. The point here is not disagreeing with Tim. It happens all the time. The point here is HOW he disagreed. He was dismissive and disrespectful, cutting time off before he finished his thought. He was angry saying that Tim never wore women's clothes so he didn't know what he was talking about. How ridiculous is that. Is Sosa implying that he has worn women's clothing? So disrespectful. And his winning dress, the one that Michael Kors said was the best of the season would not have been that withouth Tim's suggestion to use color which Sosa disrespectfully in front of Tim dismissed. He could have said, "Thank you I will consider it" but he didn't. You simply don't treat people that are trying to help you that way, even if you think their ideas are wrong.