Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Happy National Poetry Month

I've already written my Easter post, but I'm adding this poem as lagniappe. April is also National Poetry Month. The following poem was written in 2006. I think I may have been in a funk about materialism while I was in desperate need of cash but concerned that I was drifting away from my spiritual core.

Through a Glass Darkly

In and then out of skin--
I am the tear of Christ pressed from the hearts of dying peoples
and the peerless morning light born of Midnight's sobs.

Upon the streaming lament of angels, I have glided
to greet the hollowness of man's constructions and to
lay bricks upon the chests of his children until they
claw and fight for holy breath with honest vision.

When will they awaken from the spiraling, steel spectacle of this dream?

In and then out of skin--
I draw the curtain back so you glimpse the trivial trimmings
and see Truth's golden well of peace holding life
as life is and the keys to bliss.

When will you awaken from the Madison Avenue mink of this dream?

Upon the river of man's prayers, I swim with healing
but am halted at his gulf of bitterness and wars.
I send the screaming of Earth's death into his ears,
and the wailing of children starving.
I send a hunger for righteousness into the bellies of
his poets, seers, and singers.

When will he awaken from the
gold, silver, and diamond spectacle of his dream,
when will he stop the mouth of madness,
when will he see, when will he hear?

In and then out of skin--
I am the still small voice forgotten.

© Copyright 2006 Nordette Adams

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