Sunday, April 4, 2010

John Forsythe, Charlie's Angel Boss, Dynasty Star, dead at 92

I've been flying under the radar, avoiding the Net and not watching the news, and so I only learned actor John Forsythe was dead this morning when I clicked over to CNN. He was big in the 70s and bigger in the 80s, mostly on TV; however, his career started long before those decades.

With his silver hair and the way he carried himself, he was one of those men who looked rich no matter what he wore. He had that old-school movie star air about him even though he was not a major movie star.

I watched him as the patriarch Blake Carrington on the nighttime soap Dynasty from 1981 to 1989 (Even Prince watched Dynasty), and he was also the voice of the unseen, mysterious boss Charlie on Charlie's Angels from 1976-1981. When the Charlie's Angels movies came out, I went to see it wondering if he would do the voice again, and he did. Forsythe was 92 at his death.

Here's video of the actor, one an overview of his career and the other is an old Larry King interview in which he talks about his Dynasty role and Joan Collins's wild life:

Read his obituary at the New York Times

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