Monday, April 26, 2010

Lance Reddick of Fringe Talks Jazz and Acting

I just listened to SciFiPulse host Ian Cullen at BlogTalk Radio and his interview with Lance Reddick of the J.J. Abrams show Fringe, which comes on Fox Thursday nights.

Reddick, who also played novelist James Baldwin in the 2004 film Brother to Brother and who has played roles on Oz and The Wire, talks to Cullen about his role as Phillip Broyles in Fringe. However, he tries not to reveal any Fringe secrets.

In addition, he tells the host about his love of jazz. He says he grew up listening to pop music but has been trained in classical and ended up doing some jazz. He has a contemporary jazz CD out as well. Really, he looks like a jazz musician, doesn't he? Kind of Miles Davis. I love his look.

Reddick attended the Yale University School of Drama, according to both his interview and his bio at his website. His bio at JRank says he gravitated to acting after a back injury.

He discusses his appearance in the independent movie The Silence of the Belle a little bit also.

If by the time you see this post, the player below is featuring a new episode, you may listen to the Lance Reddick interview at this link.

No, I did not give away all the SciFi talk in this interview. I know true lovers of Science Fiction will listen to the show. :-)

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