Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mayor Ray Nagin's Exit Interview

Ray Nagin leaves office as Mayor of New Orleans, and Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu, who takes office May 3, inherits a $25 million budget deficit. A number of factors influence the shortfall, and you can listen to that story at WWL-TV.

I thought this video from the Times Picayune of Nagin discussing his eight-year run was more interesting. Like any other politician, he's an apologist for his legacy, and he makes some good points, comparing a mayor's quest to solve a city's problems to be much like that of a scientist working in a lab. It's trial and error.

However, Nagin says when Thomas Edison was off in his lab failing before he had success, there were no reporters waiting to announce his missteps. In the video, he list some positives of his administration that he thinks get lost in political drama.
Mayor Ray Nagin

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