Monday, April 12, 2010

Michael Steele Stars with RNC in Race Card Epic

Last year, September 2009, the Republican Party's first black chairman, Michael Steele, said there was no racism involved in how conservatives protested against President Barack Obama. Now he's saying the RNC is harder on him, Steele, because he is black and Obama has a more narrow margin for error as well because the president is also black. Is Steele just an opportunistic liar or does he live under a rock?

Now he gets that he's a black man in the Republican Party!

Now he sees the common ground between him and
President Barack Obama!

From the halls of misappropriated Hip Hop comes
Michael Steele,
token black chairman of the RNC,
starring in the new movie critics are calling
"An instant classic!"

"Frighteningly true to life!"
The Behind the Times Gazette
"Bold commentary on our times!"
The Sleepers Post
"A bittersweet lessons learned!"
Dixie Snooze Times

You must see it to believe it!

Right Wing Down!
Diary of a Jigging Negro
Starring Michael Steele

Rush Limbaugh as Big Massa in the Back Room
Glenn Beck as Dr. Kooklan, The Weeping Prophet of Doom
Sarah Palin as Folksie Barracuda
and introducing the mysterious
Misguided Unknown as Miss Tea Party

Look for it in a theater near you!

For more information about his movie see links at Racialicious, bringing you a feed from the LA Times: Steele says the RNC is holding me to a higher standard because I am black!
Appearing without a tie -- as if to say, Hey, I'm just a regular guy -- Steele said he probably ruffled some feathers among the party's elders because "I'm not a Washington insider. I'm more grassroots oriented, not Good Ol' Boy Network oriented....I tend to come at it a little stronger, more streetwise, if you will."

But then, in a question from a viewer, ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Steele whether he has a slimmer margin for error because he's black.

"The honest answer is, 'yes,'" he said. "Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. A lot of folks do...That's just the reality of it. But you just take that as a part of the nature of it."
More background on this groundbreaking film:


msladydeborah said...

I love the picture!

This is a great post Nordette.

It's the heat and fiyah that suddenly helped Mike to see the light or in this case the Blackness-primarily his. The ironic thing about this situation is the fact that the party is working through Catch 22 quite nicely. Cause if Mike was forced to step down-it sends the wrong political message to other POCs about the GOP. Two Black males are in the head leadership role of the two major political parties in America. This is a rare moment in the nation's history. Mike is leading the opposition against Obama and the charge sounds like a resurgance of the CSA. This is war my dear and all is fair in this situation.

Including tossing the race card in the swirl to remind the good old boys that they set up the situation.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Yes, the irony is nearing the Twilight Zone realm. :-)