Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rapper Guru Succumbed to Cancer, Passed Away Monday

It strikes me as either a fitting poetic flourish or a bitter irony that the rapper Guru passed away during Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month (Rap is poetry), and during National Minority Cancer Awareness Week, which I just wrote about a few hours ago. Guru was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells, more than a year ago, but wanted his diagnosis kept private.

His music video below features Chaka Khan and New Orleans musician Branford Marsalis performing "Watch What You Say." He died Monday due to complications from the cancer and was only 43, reports CNN.

Guru "found solo success with his series of "Jazzmatazz" albums, where he combined hip-hop and jazz," says the CNN article, and his obituary in the New York Times notes he was known for social themes. You'll hear an example of his jazz/Hip Hop music in this video.

I heard about his death reading a Facebook post by singer Stephanie Renee who was also discussing another loss in the black community, the passing of Civil Rights leader Dorothy Irene Height, age 98.

Read more about National Minority Cancer Awareness Week as well as National Volunteer Week at my earlier post.


Amy@UWM said...

That certainly is ironic and very sad. Thanks for passing on the word and for promoting National Minority Cancer Awareness and National Volunteer week. There is so much we all can do to help create a world with more birthdays!

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Thank you, Amy. We've lost a talented man who had more to say, I'm sure. His passing at a relatively young age, 43, is an unfortunate example of why we should work toward cures and more birthdays for all.