Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Third Week of April: Minority Cancer Awareness Week Plus National Volunteer Week Are Both Worth Time

It's National Minority Cancer Awareness Week as well as National Volunteer Week. Here's a little information about both outreach programs.

First, from Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D., on National Minority Cancer Awareness Week. Jones is co-chair of the Intercultural Cancer Council, the nation’s largest multicultural health policy group focused on minorities, the medically underserved and cancer.
On April 8, 1987, the U. S. House of Representatives Joint Resolution 119 designated the third week in April as "National Minority Cancer Awareness Week." It has now been 23 years since I approached Senator Lloyd Bentsen and Representative Mervyn Dymally to support a joint resolution to designate the third full week in April as National Minority Cancer Awareness Week. As explained in the Congressional Record, the resolution drew attention to "an unfortunate, but extremely important fact about cancer."

While cancer affects men and women of every age, race, ethnic background and economic class, the disease still has a disproportionately severe impact on minorities and underserved populations in this nation. National Minority Cancer Awareness Week was passed to bring attention to this fact and promote increased awareness of prevention and treatment to those segments of the populations that are at greater risk of developing cancer. The week's emphasis gives physicians, nurses, health care professionals and researchers an opportunity to focus on high-risk populations and to develop creative approaches to battling cancer problems unique to these communities. The American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society both endorsed the resolution as a means of drawing attention to the problem among minorities and the poor. (Read more)
Next, information from ACS on National Volunteer Week.
The American Cancer Society is recognizing and celebrating the more than 3 million volunteers nationwide making a difference in the fight against cancer and encouraging those who've never volunteered to join us too. We're asking people to pledge at least 1 hour to volunteer with the American Cancer Society in their community. Help us reach our goal of 57,000 hours volunteered. This is our chance to work together, make a real difference, and save lives. Pledge your time now! (MoreBirthdays)

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