Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arizona Retaliates Against L.A. and Some Nebraska Students Act Like Racist Idiots

As if we weren't already seeing enough craziness form Arizona with its xenophobic immigration laws, CNN Money reports that Arizona power companies are retaliating against Los Angeles and its boycott of the state with a lights out threat. How gangster can you get?
The Arizona Corporation Commission, the overseer for the state's electric and water utilities, has offered to pull the plug on Los Angeles, noting that Arizona's power plants supply electricity to 25% of the city.
Hmm. That's so Aryan.

In an incident far from Arizona, an immigration backlash related story has been reported by KPTM in Omaha, Nebraska. High-school students showed their bad sportsmanship behinds by throwing green index cards at Hispanic students following a soccer game, Lincoln East High School vs. Omaha South High School. According to KPTM, "Nearly 60 percent of (Omaha South) school's student body is Hispanic."

So, while Lincoln East won, a few of of its student fans behaved like losers and may face suspension for the deed that many see as clearly racist.
"I thought it was confetti, but once I saw it close up I saw it was green cards. To me, there had to be a point to it," said Omaha South mid–fielder Manuel Lira. "It was planned. It's not as if they started cutting paper there at the field, they brought the cards with them."
Some administrative staff and students from Lincoln started picking up the cards. They said that this act should not define their school.


le0pard13 said...

This was big news around here. The worst coverage of this was from KTLA's evening news, IMO. They decided to interview a pair of local AM talk show hosts (wingnut variety). Naturally, they were all for AZ's response, and emphasizing how wrong L.A.'s mayor was in talk of a boycott (the obvious innuendo being he's an hispanic mayor by their repeated use of his last name during that broadcast). All of this does come off in the manner you speak of... unfortunately. Thanks, Nordette.

msladydeborah said...

I love your "how Aryan" observation.

Arizona seems that they are preparing to take on part of the union to assert their states rights.

It was a poor choice on the part of the high school students to throw green cards. They definitely need some cultural sensitivity coursework in their curriculum.

LaToya said...

This seems like the introduction to a dystopian novel...