Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Did You Watch the TV Show Prey?

Lately, the 1998 ABC TV show Prey has been popping into my head. Dis you ever see that show? This is how it's described at
Forty thousand years ago, the most advanced species on Earth was wiped out by a powerful new life form... Us. Now another new species has evolved-- stronger, smarter, and dedicated to our annihilation. Leading the fight against them is Dr. Sloan Parker, the bioanthropologist who uncovered their existence. Once again, it's survival of the fittest...and this time we are the Prey. A new, advanced species of humanoids is discovered and the humans must fight for their survival as the new species has more on their agenda than survial. They intend to dominate the planet and eliminate the humans.
I had forgotten that Debra Messing (Will & Grace) starred in this show as Dr. Sloan Parker. However, I never forgot that Roger Howarth, the guy who used to play Todd Manning on One Life To Live, played a very bad guy on Prey, Randall Lynch. Prey didn't last beyond its first season, but with so many SciFi type shows turning up on TV lately, I think some network should bring Prey back to the airwaves with new episodes.

It's possible this old show has been on my mind because last month I listened to SETI astronomer Jill Tarter's speech about human evolution. She said humans need to consider that they are unlikely to be the pinnacle of evolution on Earth.

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