Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jindal and More on BP, Wildlife, Wetlands, Gulf Oil Spill

I'm trying not to obsess about the oil spill/slick in the Gulf of Mexico, and so, I'm going to share a view links, images, and videos, and get back to work on my novel. Later I may hop over to Gert Town and see my aunt.

This graphic is at the
Times Picayune website telling readers about oil containment booms that are being placed around the Gulf coast as a barrier to absorb oil, preventing some of it from hitting the shore. The lower part of the graphic, "Wildlife at Risk," comes from the New York Times, where it's associated with this article, "Size of the Oil Spill in Gulf Larger than Thought" . Click image for larger view.

WWL TV reports that the oil is spreading faster and farther than anticipated:

VENICE, La. -- The surface area of a catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill quickly tripled in size amid growing fears among experts that the slick could become vastly more devastating than it seemed just two days ago.

Frustrated fishermen eager to help contain the spill from a ruptured underwater well had to keep their boats idle Saturday as another day of rough seas kept crews away from the slick, and President Barack Obama planned a Sunday trip to the Gulf Coast.

Documents also emerged showing BP PLC downplayed the possibility of a catastrophic accident at the offshore rig that exploded. BP operated the rig, which was owned by Transocean Ltd. (Read More)

In addition, news sources say that attorney generals from five states will meet in Mobile, Ala., Sunday, to discuss legal action. Furthermore, President Barack Obama will be nearby Sunday looking at the spill area off the Louisiana coast.

This photo comes from the Huffington Post, "Bird Coated In Oil As Louisiana Gulf Spill Nears Wetlands."

The following video shows U. S. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana saying the oil spill will have a far greater impact and includes more culpable players than BP, the oil company that owns resource rights to the oil. It leased the rig which blew up from Transocean/Deep Water Horizon.

Legislator tours Louisiana coast

Interesting political spin play here. The caption under the video at the Times Picayune does not refer to the catastrophe as the "BP oil spill," the tag more commonly used by media covering this topic (if not BP then "Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill or Louisiana Oil Spill). But suddenly, describing a video in which Vitter seems to try to move blame away from BP, we see this disaster called the "Deepwater Horizon oil spill." And this comes as we also learn BP did not have an action plan for a major oil spill

BP's PR arm must be pretty long and strong. I mentioned in my post at that the oil spill was causing BP some image problems. Given Louisiana's history with oil, I suspect our legislators would much prefer to blame Deepwater Horizon, a rig company, rather than an oil company. It's the economy, y'all, and palms are open.

In this next video, he's clearer, saying he doesn't mean that BP should not face consequences and be held responsible, but that the company should be removed from the decision making process because it's overwhelmed and can't respond effectively.

New Orleans Ladder has a thorough round-up of today's news about this crisis. I've got Gov. Jindal's press conference via WWL TV on in the background. The mic is live, and so I can hear lots of chit chat, but Bobby's not at the podium yet. He's starting to speak now, and he does not sound quite so forgiving of BP the way Vitter is. He's saying, "It's not just about our coast: it's about our way of life." Hope I got that right.

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