Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Finale and the Tennis Shoe in the Tree

This blogger was surprised by all the hits her blog has gotten from people who want to know whose tennis shoe was hanging in the tree at the end of the Lost finale on ABC last night. However, she's not surprised that search engines are sending the curious to this blog for that information.

It makes sense, given the blog's name and because she published a recent post about the end of the series before the finale aired. While Whose Shoes Are These Anyway? is not a blog about shoes, this blogger will tell you what she knows about white tennis shoe that viewers saw hanging on the tree as Dr. Jack Shephard died. Thus you will not have dropped by in vain.

Two people helped answered this question, Megan Smith, one of the Entertainment editors at BlogHer who also blogs at Megan's Minute, and Leslie Madsen-Brooks, also a Blogher CE whose personal blog is The Clutter Museum.

Megan said, "In the pilot, when Jack woke up after the plane crash, the sneaker was hanging on that same branch. ... Last night it was still there, three years later, weathered and worn."

Leslie sent a link to a Lostpedia wiki article about the white tennis shoe.
After his father's death, Jack Shephard felt that the corpse did not need new shoes, and instead gave his father an old pair of white tennis shoes that he had. Jack later attributed this to the fact that he didn't think his father was worth a new pair of shoes. These shoes were on Christian's body in the coffin aboard Oceanic Flight 815. ("316")
I had forgotten that completely. Knowing to whom the shoe belongs and its history should give you insight into the life message of the finale.

You may also enjoy Megan's look at the finale at


Anonymous said...

ah i love it.
it's great that you had taht answer and it does help my understanding a bit more.......i had forgotten that bit tennis shoe bit.........cheers! Darren - Ireland.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Yeah. I think knowing whose shoe it is helps as well.