Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Finale: I Will Accept Whatever Happens

Earlier this year, Megan Smith at quoted me in her post on 25 best moments of ABC's Lost. She said that I may be the shows biggest convert:
After resisting stories about "Lost" being a great show, she (Nordette c'est moi) finally watched the first season on her cable's on-demand. She was hooked.
And then she repeated, with my permission, something I'd said in an email thread:
Next thing I knew I was at the Blockbuster renting every season and watching until I got to the end of rentals and had to buy a season because it wasn't available any other way. And so I bought it and watched and then had the DTs until the show returned with new episodes.

My name is Nordette and I'm a Lostaholic.
So, reading that, you must know that I will be in front of the television tonight when the series finale airs. However, I've already adopted the same attitude that Salon writer Heather Havrilesky has in her post, "How Can the 'Lost' Finale Not Suck?"

Comparing our hopes and dreams for the finale to the rise of Barack Obama and how we were destined to be disappointed, she writes:
Personally, unless that glowing light energy at the center of the island flows straight out of my TV screen and into my body, blessing me with the purest, sweetest sensation of joy and fulfillment in the known universe (and since I don't currently have any narcotics dealers on speed dial, this seems unlikely), I'll be disappointed.
Yep. And since I know not to expect the light to appear, I'll watch for sentimental reasons and also so I can know the ending J. J. Abrams and the other Lost writers envisioned.

About four or five years ago, one of my son's middle-school teachers said she thought the series was about good and evil, including multiple allusions to Christian archetypes and mythology. She thought the island was a symbol for purgatory. Today, whenever my son walks through the living room and I'm watching Lost, he says, "You know it's a mind game, Mom. Even the writers don't know what theyr'e doing."

We'll see. One story today says fans should not expect all the answers in the finale. No, duh.

I read a while back that producers had added an extra half hour to the finale. Here in Louisiana, CST, the finale events begin at 6:00 p.m. and go through Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel. I can't hang all the way through Kimmel. Maybe I'll DVR that.

In the meantime, the CNN video in this post includes clips of fans telling how they thing the mega-hit series will end, from speculation about the child Aaron to Hurley saves the world.


Megan said...

Always good to see a convert to something really good! I wrote my own thoughts and feelings about the "Lost" finale on my blog, but I love that you're willing to accept whatever comes.

I think the producers have known where they were going all along. They said that and after this season, I believe them.

Will everybody be happy. Nah! But I betcha more people will be happy than with the "Sopranos" cut to black finale.

That I guarantee.

msladydeborah said...

I have never watched one episode of Lost. You're actually the first person that I have contact with that is into the show.

Did you like the ending?