Friday, May 14, 2010

More on Obama's Ire and Oil Spill News

AP photo. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,
left, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu,
right, flank President Obama.
As we fall toward the next day, the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill still tops Google News. Earlier today I wrote a post that was syndicated at, "Obama Goes on Oil Spill Warpath; Jindal Says BP Will Be Held Accountable," but as I prepare to go to bed, I see journalists publishing articles about President Barack Obama's speech today.

Less than half an hour before my writing of this note, the Washington Post published "A major test for President Obama: Contain the oil spill and the fallout."
The spreading environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to become a crisis of public confidence for President Obama, who stepped forward Friday to declare that "the system failed, and it failed badly," and included the federal government among those who "share that responsibility."

He saved his most withering criticism for the oil companies involved, whose executives came up short on everything but evasiveness when they were called to account on Capitol Hill this week.
We'll have to wait and see if this is the big test for him that the writers of that article think it is. Earlier today, as I wrote in my round-up this afternoon, the AP reported the Obama's been getting high marks on his handling of the crisis.
While some conservative pundits, such as Rush Limbaugh, have called this "Obama's Katrina," that's not how the public feels, the poll found. BP PLC, which owned the well that has gushed more than 4 million gallons since an Apr. 20 oil rig explosion, is getting more of the public's ire. (Read more)
We know that public opinion, however, can change faster than wind direction.

Below is a clip of part of Obama's fiery speech today.


msladydeborah said...

I suspect this is just one of many tests for the Obama Administration.

I suspect that there is not going to be an easy solution to the problem of the oil spill. The impact on the ecology and the economic crisis that it is creating is going to be a long time straightening out.

One of the points that stands out in my mind is the fact that no matter what nature of the disaster is-the government on all levels are unprepared to handle the after shocks and effects. This isn't just a problem with the current administration. It has been a long running problem within our system of government.

BP should be held accountable. I thought it was disgraceful when they offered a paltry $5,ooo for damages. Who in the hell can live off of that sum in America? The oil industry needs to anty up and make it right. The time for whining and pointing fingers have passed. Especially when you factor in the lack of regard that was shown prior to starting the off shore drilling process.

Aidan Cole said...

Do you hear that, oil companies? Obama was not impressed. That’s grounds enough for suicide right there.