Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Oil Spill Plus How We Wrecked the Ocean by Jeremy Jackson

As I mentioned in my first post about the oil spill, experts investigating the oil rig explosion in the Gulf thought early on that the blowout preventer had failed. Today, WWL TV via the AP reports that "Rep. Henry Waxman says that his committee's investigation into the Gulf oil spill reveals that a key safety device, the blowout preventer, had a leak in a crucial hydraulic system."

Before I even saw this morning's oil spill news, I had decided that today I would share this video from TED, "Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean."
In this bracing talk, coral reef ecologist Jeremy Jackson lays out the shocking state of the ocean today: overfished, overheated, polluted, with indicators that things will get much worse. Astonishing photos and stats make the case.
It appears that it was filmed last month before the April 20 oil rig tragedy.

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