Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Oil Spill Leak Capped, Says BP Spokesman

WWL-TV's Jill Hezeau interviews Curtis Thomas of BP about capping one of the oil leaks.
VENICE, La. – After days of thousands of gallons of oil gushing from the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico following a massive explosive of an oil rig which presumably killed 11 workers, British Petroleum announced that it has capped one of three leaks.

“We have been able to cap one of the three leaks,” said Curtis Thomas, BP spokesman, “That is the great news.” The leak was stopped using a robotic device.

“The bad news is that it did not diminish the flow, so we still have about 5,000 barrels that are being released, but it is from two leak sources, not three.”
As I've written earlier, based on reports, BP's taking a lot of heat about how it's handling this crisis. I suspect they want to improve that image.

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