Friday, May 7, 2010

Ray Nagin's Gone But Faces Ethics Charges

We interrupt this Gulf Coast oil spill crisis, including news of the new-fangled containment box, to inform you that while freshly inaugurated mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu is busy naming people to his administration and reinstating the 5-day work week, the now-departed former mayor Ray Nagin faces state ethic charges.

WDSU and WWL TV both report Nagin's latest adventure. Per WDSU:
The state ethics board is charging former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin with two possible violations, for receiving gifts from a one-time city vendor and for his involvement with a company that was negotiating tax breaks with the city.

Copies of the charges, which were sent to Nagin through his attorney late last month, were received by The Associated Press on Friday.

One charge involves gifts to Nagin paid for by technology firm NetMethods and its owner Mark St. Pierre, who had several city contracts. NetMethods paid for Nagin and his family to travel to Jamaica in 2005 and to Hawaii in 2004, according to newspaper reports.(More)
WWL posts the same story but with the picture you see up top. Nagin's expression almost says the words we've actually heard from his mouth, "I am sick of this."

I saw this coming. My only question is this, "How many new colorful sayings will we get from Nagin as he enters this new stage of life?"

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