Monday, May 17, 2010

Return of the Bronte Sisters to Film

Aside from my being a fan of a few Brontë sisters' tales, I'm sharing this article from USA today, "New films move the Brontës back into the Hollywood frame, because it gives me an excuse to post the Brontë Sisters Power Doll faux commmercial. I saw the video at It's a hoot!

Move along, Jane Austen. Hollywood is hot for the Brontës again.
Filmmakers' long affair with the divine Miss Austen is finally waning, after two decades of movies made from her elegant novels with their well-mannered characters, placid plots and witty repartee.

But enough with the endless circling of the Pump Room at Bath — time to get hearts racing! Time to bring back those wildly Romantic Brontë characters — plain Jane Eyre and moody Mr. Rochester, doomed Cathy Earnshaw and vengeful Heathcliff — to rend their garments, wail disconsolately and stagger across windswept moors. USA Today)
Now back to my own fiction. I must remind myself that I'm writing a novel as well.

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