Tuesday, May 25, 2010

South Korea and North Korea Are Still At It: Tips for Sarah Palin

Just in case Sarah Palin has to comment on troubles between North Korea and South Korea and know why the two countries are separate, history of the Korean War, and why the nations appear to be going to war again, I'm going to help her out with some videos and links. Remember, it was reported earlier this year that the Republican VP candidate didn't know that there was a South Korea and North Korea.

So, here's an Associated Press video, embedded below, on the tensions that have grown between the two countries, and a link to a U.K. Guardian article saying North Korea has told its military to prepare for war. The Huffington Post, CNN, and other news sources confirm.

And this piece from Reuters gives a history of the conflict, why these two countries still quarreling. In addition, here's background on the Korean Conflict at Archives.gov.

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