Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swinging at the Elena Kagan Gay Rumor

This is the photo that sparked the fuss. Critics have stirred the
pot, claiming the Wall Street Journal used this old Kagan photo
to stoke innuendo. A WSJ spokesperson denies the allegation.
Internet gossip and a photo have ignited debate about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's sexual orientation. In the photo, she's playing baseball: So, is she or isn't she gay?

Last month the White House objected to a CBS News blog written by Ben Domenech, a former Bush administration staffer, who asserts Kagan is a lesbian. The Obama administration said emphatically that Kagan is heterosexual. However, the controversy escalated with Andrew Sullivan's post at The Atlantic's "Daily Dish," demanding proof that Kagan is not gay.

Others, like the women of ABC's The View and Benjamin Sarlin at The Daily Beast, have taken swings at the innuendo with queries, such as "Does Kagan's sexual orientation matter?" and -- given the Obama administration's definitive answer that she is not gay -- "Is the question fair?" and "Is it unethical for a journalist to slant a piece to suggest she is gay with no evidence?" .... Please read more at

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