Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers Blows My Mind

As I was heading to bed, this performance from last season's So You Think You Can Dance, Dec. 2009, popped into my head. It's the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) dancing to a piece by the Vitamin String Quartet. Phenomenal!

Harry Shum Jr., aka known comically as the "Mike Chang, the other Asian" on the Fox show Glee works with LXD as well. As reported at New York Magazine, Shum announced on his Twitter page earlier this month that LXD will be opening for a Glee show on the road (tour dates are May 15–30). If you watch Oprah, you may have seen her Glee show on which Shum battled Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison). Shum won.

More about LXD from TED.com:
Imagine two rival factions -- one good, one evil -- squaring off in an epic battle ... an epic dance battle. Welcome to The LXD, a new online adventure in which heroes and villains combat each other with dance superpowers. With stunning choreography, dancers float over the ground like marionettes or crush the laws of physics beneath their feet when they perform breathtaking aerial maneuvers and transcendental step sequences.

The series hopes to do more than follow the dance-battle zeitgeist that rules today’s TV ratings. In addition to live performances, The LXD reveals dance superheroes on both sides of the screen—viewers can learn dance moves from instructional videos, and even become part of the story by participating in the web community. The LXD is written and directed by Jon Chu, a veteran of dance productions, including the box office sensation Step Up 2: The Streets and the Internet phenomenon, The Biggest Online Dance Battle.

"No special effects. No wires. Real people. Real powers. "
John Chu
And here they are performing at TED2010 followed by a speech from John Chu. And yes, Lil C, "King of Krump," is involved.

This next video is a trailer for Moments.

LXD "Moments" Trailer from Jon M. Chu on Vimeo.

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msladydeborah said...


I have become an instant fan of LXD. Two of my favorite genres are being featured in their work and I love it!

This is my first read of the day and I'm glad that I selected this particular post. I needed a spiritual and mental pick me up this a.m.

One of the concerns that I have about our national educational programs is the removal of the arts portion of the curriculum. One of the firm beliefs that I have as a teacher and an adult is training the next generation of people who will produce works of beauty. I noticed LXD had live musicians playing for the performance. I bet that many of those individuals started their lessons in school settings. Technology is great for producing music but it is still much better to be able to read musical scores and play insturments.

LXD has also won me as a fan because I have maintained for years that the different styles of hip hop dance require practice, strength and have validity. It is also our African heritage resurfacing and being embraced by other cultures. Isn't this the American way?

Okay-I'm off my box. :-) Great post Nordette. Thanks for sharing LXD.