Friday, May 21, 2010

Thinking on Rand Paul. Looking at Old Photos. A Poem.

I suppose the poem in this post relates to my other poem, "Time Travel at Newark International Airport," but the poem below flowed to me today after I looked at a post at Siddity on Rand Paul's appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show and his back to Jim Crow rhetoric.

While writing about states that can refuse service based on sexual orientation, "Dining While Gay," I referenced Rand Paul's recent encounters with the media. However, I didn't actually listen to the whole Maddow interview until last night, and when I did, I went off a bit about him on Twitter. I twittered, "Rand Paul's rhetoric supports Michael Moore's assertion that many U.S. politicians are in love with capitalism not democracy."

Maddow's patience amazed me, and the sheer lunacy of what Paul said proves you can get a medical degree and still be an idiot. As I have asked before, "Dear Conservatives: What does 'restore America back to what it was' mean?"

Time Traveling Through Cyberspace
By Nordette N. Adams

I saw myself in an old photograph,
one taken before my birth,
maybe after the year of my birth,
wrinkled and smudged,
reaching in black and white,
adult. I stood
before my time at a Woolsworth,
where I sought freedom food,

I thought I had as much right
to lunch wherever in America --
like the pressing crowd
that grabbed at me, pouring
from spit-filled cans loathing on my head,

black skin in a white sea.

O.K. It wasn't me.

But the woman looked like me.
In that way that startles.
you see you
where you have not been,
where you could not have belonged.

But I have been
in the loins of Negro men who fought,
in the wombs of colored women,
in the American dream of whites too,
who stood in the gap for me
and for my children's children.

I saw myself.

© 2010 Nordette N. Adams

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