Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back When Mark Zuckerberg Only Wanted to Be Cher, MySpace was Relevant, and Twitter Was a Twinkle, There Was This Forum

This FORA.TV video that includes Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook talking about defining the self online is old. I know it's old because Twitter's not there and the moderator makes MySpace sound like it's bigger than Facebook, but the video's discussion still may intrigue some. Zuckerberg stresses that on Facebook, people communicate as themselves rather than as personas.

I suppose the video's being promoted as a free resources at Learn Out Loud.com today because of the Facebook movie, which is in theaters now, The Social Network. This Commonwealth Club video also includes former MySpace Executive Shawn Gold, the LinkedIn guy, Reid Hoffman, and Robin Harper from Second Life. Zuckerberg says jokingly that online he wants to be Cher. I think this video forum is about three years old.

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