Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virginia Thomas Wants Anita Hill to Apologize: After All These Years, Why?

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Embedded above is video of Anita Hill in 1992 after the infamous Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings. The late Ed Bradley interviews her on CBS's 60 Minutes.

I believed Anita Hill when she accused Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991. I watched the hearings as did much the rest of the country. It was the greatest show on Earth," pre-O.J. trial, and I thought the people who came to Clarence Thomas's defense weren't believable. Neither was Justice Thomas himself credible.

Now the New York Times and other sources report that Virginia Thomas, a Tea Party leader and the Supreme Court Justice's wife, called Hill recently and asked her to come clean and explain "why you did what you did with my husband."

Hill, a professor at Brandeis University, thought it was a prank. She reported the call to campus security and the FBI was contacted. Thomas explained to a reporter that she was calling Hill to offer an olive branch. Can we just say that her olive branch resembles Poison Ivy on a stick?

Prof. Hill told ABC News:
“Even if it wasn’t a prank, it was in no way conciliatory for her to begin with the presumption that I did something wrong in 1991. I simply testified to the truth of my experience. For her to say otherwise is not extending an olive branch, it’s accusatory. ... I don’t apologize. I have no intention of apologizing, and I stand by my testimony in 1991.”
Thomas reportedly said in an earlier interview with her husband before this incident that she looked forward to forgiving Hill one day whenever the professor might call to apologize. This kind of fantasizing about your enemy's attempt at redemption reveals a woman who's sitting around blaming Anita Hill for whatever bitterness she has in her own heart. Dear Virginia: Let it go!

In addition to speculation about Virginia Thomas's mental and spiritual state, I lean toward others' ideas about why the Tea Party leader might be digging up the Hill controversy with phony offerings of olive branches--political shenanigans.

You may watch the Thomas hearings on YouTube.

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le0pard13 said...

Clarence and Virginia Thomas should be the ones calling up for forgiveness from Anita Hill. It's another political stunt by the good ol' GOP meant to distract, IMO. Thanks, Nordette.