Sunday, October 24, 2010

What to Do When Ginni Thomas Calls You

The Virginia "Ginni" Thomas story last week about wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas calling Anita Hill almost 20 years later to ask for an apology had me feeling like we'd been hurled into Bizarro World. So, I needed a laugh. Thanks to Andy Borowitz, I got one.

Blogging at New Yorker, Borowitz tells us "Three Things to Do When Clarence Thomas’s Wife Calls You." Number two begins, "When she says, “This is Virginia Thomas,” reply, “No, this is Virginia Thomas. Who’s calling? Wait a minute—is that you, Anita Hill?”

If you need not only a laugh but a thorough post on what one writer's called "The Thomas Clown Affair," I recommend you read Kim Pearson's post at She was working at a news magazine when the Clarence Thomas hearings captivated America and makes salient points about this latest chapter as well as the old one.

In other Thomas news, one of the Supreme Court Justice's old girlfriends, Lillian McEwen, has broken her 19-year silence to say Thomas loves hardcore porn. What's more, says the 65-year-old retired law professor, he was obsessed with big-breasted women and often tried to date some of the women with whom he worked. Did we ever doubt that?

Now the real test here is to see if Google picks up this post. For some reason the Googlebot is reading posts from two years ago and skipping the new ones. I may not be blogging as much as I used to, but that's no excuse for the Googlebot to ignore me. So, this has been a test of the Google Broadcasting System.

Thomas-Hill photo collage from the New York Times.


Lovebabz said...

"Thomas Clown Affair"...HILARIOUS!

Was she drunk? was she high?, was she feeling CRAZY? Anita Hill is nice... Ginni better be glad Anita Hill is classy, because another kind of Sista... would of... that ass.

Multi-Ainjo said...

Wow. Just... really... wow. "My husband harassed you and I want an apology." Me thinks she should be requesting one from her husband. Not that she'd get one... Wow...

Multi-Ainjo said...

Oh funny, I just went to Kim Pearson's blog on BlogHer and the headline is basically what I said in my comment "Ask your husband for an apology." I guess great minds think alike! And I love Pearson's blog! And yours too of course!