Saturday, November 20, 2010

And the Crowd Goes Wild! Oprah's Favorite Things Show 2010

Some people find seeing how Oprah's audience goes crazy when she gives things away to be incredibly sad, demoralizing even, an illustration of America's decadence and zombie-like consumerism. While I think we need to not be so materialistic, I also say, "Lighten up. It's festival season." And so, I find these clips of her crowd going wild to be hilarious. She had medics standing by in case somebody's head exploded at her Favorite Things Show 2010. And the Huffington Post has a video, which you see below, showing the reactions.

Oprah said more than once that Friday's audience was comprised of people who were "known givers." They were people who volunteered their time in foreign countries, etc.

I watched the show, having been sworn to secrecy about a product she'd announce and give away, the Breville Ikon Panini Maker, one of multiple food-related items she touted. Come on! You know Americans love food stuff. I was tempted to order Beecher's World's Best Mac 'n Cheese after seeing it on the show, but at a $50.00 minimum, I decided not to. Plus, my hips don't need that cheese even if Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.

Nevertheless, as would be expected, another blogger had a big problem with it and says Oprah's "keeping America fat." Really? Who is Oprah again, lady, a god or something?

As I looked on, I found all the people jumping and screaming with joy to be infectious. You can't watch all that cheering with smiles and feel sad, can you? And I remember a black couple that turned and kissed each other when Oprah announced she, via Sony, was giving away Sony's big screen 3-D television with blue ray disc player. Value more than $3600. I'm surprised there wasn't more kissing in that audience.

My question is how do these people get all this stuff home and where do they put it once they get it there?

Finally, I hear she's doing a Part 2 Monday. I hope I can watch as she tries to outdo herself in the show's last season.

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Crystal said...

My thoughts, exactly. Why do we care what Oprah gives away and how many calories? She's just bitter she wasn't there. (As am I. Did you see all that stuff?? I think they ship it.)