Monday, December 6, 2010

Does Glenn Beck Think He's Jeremiah, The Weeping Prophet?

Is it really news news that Bill Maher thinks Glenn Beck wants to be a religious leader? I'm not sure Beck wants to be a preacher the way Maher thinks he does, complete with cathedral and tax exemption, but I do think Beck wants his true believers to think he may be some kind of prophet. That's part of Beck schtick, his gimmick. He says in one of the clips below, "I'm turning into a fricking televangelist."

Talking about some of Michael Steele's antics a while back, I dubbed Glenn Beck "The Weeping Prophet of Doom." Only someone with a knowledge of the Bible would get that reference, which is to Jeremiah, a prophet from the Old Testament, who is also known as "The Weeping Prophet." In no way do I mean to say Beck has a mandate from God. What I'm saying is that he pretends to have a godly connection with his Jeremiah impersonation. And he's even tried to claim he's a kindred spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., at times.

How often does Beck weep for the nation on his show? How often does he push emotion rather than fact?

He does so more times than I will ever watch him, and consistently attempts to duck responsibility for his words and behavior by saying he's a commentator not a journalist. I think on some level the man is nuts. Others declare Beck's weeping is an orchestrated bit of play acting. Would it be scarier if we learned he suffers from some kind of psychosis and actually thinks he's been called by God to change America? People are willing to follow him blindly as it is. So, what's worse, his believing it or his consciously manipulating the public?

Young Turks has a clip of Beck faking a cry for a photo shoot. While they are fair and say that it is a photo shoot at which he may have been asked to cry, the footage does beg the question: How much of Beck's weeping is fakery? That question takes us back to a Maher belief that Beck is crazy like a fox.

The Young Turks guy says the only thing that matters to Beck is publicity, which in my opinion, means Beck is just one more media whore like Rush Limbaugh. They're both willing to destroy America, make statements that they may not even believe, all in the name of ratings and dollars, the dark side of capitalism.

So, with evidence that Beck fakes concern for the nation, what does this make Fox News, the network that gives Beck a televised form each day?

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msladydeborah said...

Do you remember the film Network?

The commentator eventually lost his frickin' mind messing around trying to be the top dog in the ratings game.

I think that Beck is just savvy enough to realize that there are enough sheep in this nation who think like he does. Like many of the "media leaders" he has taken advantage of the gig he has. However, I also believe that he is accountable for what he says. He may not want to own up to his poo-poo on the air, but that's not how it works in the real world.