Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oprah's Australian Adventure is Big Hit with Aussies

Even though Hugh Jackman crashed and hurt his eye doing a zip-line stunt for Oprah Winfrey in Australia, the Queen of Talk's ultimate Australian adventure is a hit down under. The BBC's Nick Bryant in Sydney said her visit feels like a "presidential, papal and royal visit all rolled into one."

I saw the show yesterday when she told her "ultimate viewers" that she was taking them, the entire audience, to Australia. They're there now where Oprah is doing a series of interviews with Australian stars and American rapper Jay-Z. The Sydney Opera House has been renamed temporarily the Sydney Oprah House in her honor as Australia's tourism officials hope her visit prompts others to visit the country.

In other Oprah news, Rosie O'Donnell, who will be getting her own show on Oprah's new network, OWN, which launches in January, is now saying she backs Oprah's declaration that she and long-time friend Gayle King are not gay. Well, it's about time Rosie stopped feeding the rumor mill about Oprah and Gayle. I remember last year when Rosie spoke out of turn, in my opinion, insinuating on Howard Stern's radio show that Oprah's relationship with Gayle is not what Oprah says it is:
“When they did that road trip, that’s as gay as it gets,” O’Donnell said. “And I don’t mean it to be an insult either. I’m just saying, listen, if you ask me, that’s the couple.”
So, what did it take for Rosie to quit that kind of talk, a show on OWN? Now she's saying that she believes everything Oprah says and if Oprah says she's not gay then she's not gay.

Looks to me in that clip like Rosie's doing some back peddling to counter what she said on Stern's show. She should count herself lucky that Oprah apparently doesn't hold grudges.

Rosie was asked about this partly because of what she's said in the past and partly because Oprah recently broke into tears during an interview with Barbara Walters when asked about her and Gayle's deep friendship. (This rumor's been floating around for a long time and at first Oprah didn't comment on it because when you deny you're gay, people accuse you of having said there's something wrong with being gay. She finally, however, had to comment a few years back when Gayle's children started being asked questions. The two did an interview for O Magazine.)

Here's part of the recent interview with Walters.

I've never understood the public's speculation about this friendship or obsessions with which celebrity is gay or not in general. But as I've said before, I grew up in a time when best female friends would walk down the street, whisper and giggle in each other's ears, and the only thing people thought was, "Must be talking about boys or men." Shows of affection between women weren't questioned the way they seem to be now.

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