Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oprah's First OWN Commercial Features's music.

Over the years, a few rappers and Hip Hop stars (such as IceCube) have complained that Oprah doesn't have them on her show or tell their rags-to-riches stories to America. I've said before that they aren't really paying attention. Oprah's has the Hip Hop performers on that she likes. She plugged Jay-Z's new book on her show, has had Beyonce on more than once, and during the Don Imus controversy, she interviewed Russell Simmons, Hip Hop tycoon, and the rapper Common, I think.

Furthermore, she apparently adores the Black Eyed Peas. She especially loves So, I'm not surprised he's composed the music for her first, official Oprah Winfrey Network commercial, which you can see below. As Oprah talks about sharing all her dreams, hopes, music, and her heroes with the world,'s song "OWN It" plays in the background. He wrote it exclusively for her.

The singer/songwriter's been on her show a lot with and without Fergie and the gang. I saw him on with Seal and Faith Hill after he composed "America's Song" at Oprah's request, and I think it was last year that the Black Eyed Peas kicked off her season with that huge flash mob dance. Also, he and the Black Eyed Peas closed out Part One of her ultimate and final Favorite Things show before Thanksgiving. I think her immense admiration of him began when he composed that "Yes We Can" song during Obama's campaign.

I didn't realize her network was so close to lauching, but I guess I should have because when I've caught her show lately, she's plugged the network often. OWN premieres New Year's Day.

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Regina said...

I am not a fan of Oprah's, never have been. I think the "few" rappers she has featured on her show have a certain status (and stay highly visible), which in my mind is what it is all about with her. Beyonce, Jay Z, Russel Simmons, and now, Will-i-Am (who's stock is better now that he was so instrumental to the Obama campaign)are in the limelight A LOT, where as rapper/moguls like Ice Cube are more behind the scenes.
But hey, her money she can do what she wants with it! More power to her!