Saturday, January 15, 2011

College Releases Arizona Shooter's Video: CNN Tells How You Too May Have Lucid Dreams; A Loughner Ex Girlfriend Speaks

Pima Community College released the following video of Jared Lee Loughner rambling and ranting around its campus, and media enterprises are calling in more experts to decipher meaning behind his jumbled words and bizarre behavior. The school suspended Loughner last year after he showed myriad signs of being mentally disturbed and possibly a danger to himself, college staff and students. Multiple sources report college security was called five times to disturbances concerning Loughner while he was a student at Pima.

College officials told Loughner that he could not return without a mental health clearance from a psychiatrist. They also visited his parents, Randy and Amy Loughner, they've said, to discuss Loughner's case. However, the college did not try having Loughner committed.

Months after that suspension, Lougher shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 of her constituents on January 8 in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people. The FBI considers the act to have been an assassination attempt after finding plans at the 22-year-old's home. Among the six killed were a federal judge, John Roll, and 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Greene, who was born on September 11, the day of the World Trade Center attack.

In the video above, Loughner roams the Pima campus accusing its administration of denying him freedom of speech and of committing genocide against its students. He definitely does not seem to be functioning within the range of reason. has a full profile of Lougner, "The Troubled Life of Jared Loughner," with an altered graphic of that spooky picture the media's running of him. Time has taken the spookiness a step further, coloring him red, and so, he looks more like some kind of devil.

I refuse to put that mugshot of Loughner, red or otherwise, on my blog. It's just too creepy.

Also, had a guest on a day or so ago saying he thinks Loughner was into lucid dreaming, something I said in my first post that I published the day of the shooting, "Conscious not Conscience." It's not that mysterious. To dream lucidly simply means that you become aware that you are in a dream and can change the course of the dream's story, move objects, change the scene, etc.

I can't find the CNN video with the guest discussing conscious/lucid dreaming, but the person interviewed speculated that Lougner may have gotten to a point of not being able to tell whether he was dreaming or awake because he was obsessed with the phenomenon. If that's true, then Loughner could have been shooting the people at the Safeway and thinking it wasn't real, he suggested. But we don't know what Loughner may have been thinking because he's still refusing to speak, sitting in a federal prison with a smirk on his face, say sources.

A CNN article gives directions for having one's own lucid dreams. As someone who came of age in a household with a mother studying various spiritual paths that incorporated meditation and also dream studies—keeping dream journals, etc., I'm familiar with the techniques; however, I think CNN is sensationalizing an experience that became far removed from its ordinary use in the mind of a madman.

In a video below, a former girlfriend tells ABC News what she remembers of Loughner.

And in other news, today all over the nation people celebrated the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man whose most popular speech is "I Have a Dream."

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