Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Endangers Senior Citizen's Life

The New York Times and other news sources report that Glenn Beck's commentary has endangered the life of this 78-year-old woman who teaches political science. Fraces Fox Piven has been getting death threats since Beck has labeled her an enemy of the Constitution.
As I have said before, there's strong evidence to indicate a correlation between rising hate speech and monstrous crimes against humanity such as genocide, and certainly we can connect resentment with subsequent threats to their worst result, violent acts. If we could not, then criminal prosecutors would have a far greater challenge proving motives for murder. I don't know why we continue to debate the connection so much, especially since via television, radio, and the Internet it's easier to broadcast hate speech and influence the masses to target groups and individuals than it has been in the past.

We know that as hate speech builds so does violence. While cloaked in a love for free speech, the motivation for denying a connection between hate speech and violence or declaring hate speech to be a kind of speech that's "difficult to define" is most likely the desire to avoid change. I, too, am concerned that any legislation that makes people accountable for violence that results from hate speech complicates freedom of speech, but I also maintain that many of those who persist in denying the connection between the two only do so as a smoke screen to hide that they want to keep using such words to promote hatred themselves.
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