Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Man in Superhero Suit Fights Crime: Shades of Kick-Ass?

What would a real-life superhero be called in New Orleans, Gumbo Girl? The WhoDat Wonder? The Crawfish Crusader? Given that so many of our violent criminals here are young male teens who are foolish enough to be fearless and don't respect life, I think the superheroes would lose. The shooters here would intentionally try to hit them. The superheroes in cities like New Orleans are the people who show children how to love, who teach them to read, add, write, to aspire to do great things, and to be kind. Prevention is a pound of cure.

But when my son and I watched the movie Kick-Ass on cable, we discussed whether real people would dress up like superheros to fight crime. I recalled that there were Batman imitators who did this in The Dark Knight, and in Watchmen, ordinary people dressed up to take on crime as well and were successful. But that's fiction.

Now I've learned through CNN that real people in real life really do dress up like superheroes and form neighborhood watch groups. I checked around and there's a website for people who do this, A few years ago, someone even did a top 10 list. So, now I know to whom the Super Hero Supply Store in New York is selling its wares.

In the video below, the Phoenix in Seattle chased a car thief away from a man's car. The car owner told his friends, but nobody believed him. A news crew found the superhero and he showed the car owner all his gear—bullet proof shield, baton, mace, etc.

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